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Workplace Wellbeing Services

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Bring clarity ans inspiration to your team on how food can truly enhance their wellbeing.

For productivity, health promotion and thriving in the workplace.

1-1 Consultations & Health Programmes

Provide life-changing interventions to your employees. This is a powerful way to give your staff the reassurance that they are valued by your organisation. 

Health Content

Take your wellbeing initiatives further by engaging your colleagues through various channels.

I've got you covered!

Clients & partners

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Themes covered

Nutrition and eating habits weave through every aspects of our wellbeing:

 physical and mental health, senses of belonging, cost of living, inclusion, menopause, performance, sustainability.

So whatever is topping your wellbeing agenda, I can help.

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Diet & Mental Health

IBS, gut-brain axis, depression. The gut play a huge part in our mental wellbeing 

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Weight Management

Genetics, environment, psychology, stress and lifestyle. Time to rethink the 'eat less, move more' approach

Rocket Fuel Wellbeing icon Menopause


Body changes, hot flushes, weaker bone and higher cardio-vascular risk. Diet can help through this phase of life.

Rocket Fuel Wellbeing icon Body Clock

Body Clock

Night shift-work, jet-lag, sleep. When and what we eat, can help working with our body clock.

Rocket Fuel Wellbeing icon Alcohol


It messes up with our brain, our heart, our gut, our cells - how can we limits its damage?

Rocket Fuel Wellbeing icon Metabolic Health

Metabolic Health

Obesity, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels are the major death risk factors with smoking. Luckily lifestyle change can help.


  • Cutting through the noise: what is a healthy diet?

  • Sustainable eating and food systems

  • Eating on a budget

  • Addressing diversity and inclusion through food

  • Fuelling your workout

  • Functional Food and Supplements - worth the hype?

  • Cognitive health and managing the ageing process

  • When healthy eating becomes unhealthy

  • Weight stigma - are you truly weight inclusive?

Feedback from employees, Richmond & Wandsworth Councils
"My company is looking after my health, and it makes me feel important"
"Really useful and practical advice that I think will make a 
"I like that I was not lectured but listened to"
"Lost for words. Amazing in every way"
Workshops, Talks, Events

There is so much conflicting and confusing messages out there around diet and nutrition.

"Coffee makes you live longer" vs "Caffeine is dangerous"

"Eating meat is killing you" vs "Soy is bad for our hormones"

"Carbs are the enemy" vs "Fat is the enemy" 


Are you after a bit more nuance and clarity?

What is the existing body of research truly telling us?

And what does it mean concretely for you


My workshops, talks and events are the perfect mix of clear messages, backed up by science, and practical tips to empower your team to embrace their busy lives in a relevant, sustainable and healthy way.


These can be delivered online (MS Teams, Zoom) or face-to-face.

An example of cooking workshop - lunchbox

An example of talk on body clock, sleep and diet

Healthy Food
1-1  Consultations &
Health Programmes

Cholesterol, risks of diabetes, weight issues, blood pressure... How do you support colleagues who are at risk of chronic illness?

Let's face it, a one-off with a doctor and a leaflet with generic advice is unlikely to have much impact. Changing how we eat and live is never straightforward.

I deliver health programmes in small groups,

providing tailored advice and regular coaching to enable lasting changes.

My flagship health programme is Worth the weight. Find out more about it: 

click here and check REBA's case study.

I also develop bespoke programme. So get in touch if you have something specific in mind.

And I can come to your office to deliver 1-to-1 consultations to your staff.

Let's discuss your needs!

Health content materials

Which big wellbeing events have you planned this year?

And how can you make sure they have the best lasting impact on your team?

Take your wellbeing initiatives further by offering your staff some additional content, engaging your colleagues through various channels.


I produce a whole range of content such as articles, infographics, e-learning modules, videos, etc. in support of your wellbeing agenda and broaden your reach within your organisation.

Example of articles:

  • Nutrition for the menopause

  • What is the so called Mediterranean Diet?

  • Is there a safe way to drink?

Examples of infographics:

  • Managing jetlag

  • What to eat on a night-shift

  • From new behaviour to true habit - my checklist

  • Gut Health Roadmap



If you would like to find more about my services, please do get in touch

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