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Nutrition Clinic

Gain confidence that your diet is working for you.

Online consultations are run through Zoom, offering greater flexibility and best value. 


I regularly run a programme called Worth the Weight, to help people reframe their eating habits, lose weight and maintain the new weight, long term. 

I offer person-centred and evidence-based nutrition coaching.


In other words, I listen to your needs, experience and preferences

and, drawing from my in-depth knowledge in nutrition and behavioural science, 

as well as my extensive clinical experience, I guide you in finding the best way

to feed yourself - optimal, sustainable and delicious.

Taking your individuality into account, I make food work for you, not against you.

Wondering if I might be the right nutritionist for you?
Book a
free discovery call and let's chat.


icon Weight management

Weight Management

icon Menopause


icon Disordered eating

Disordered eating 

icon Fertility and PCOS

Fertility and PCOS

icon Gut health

Gut Health

Icon Metabolic health

Metabolic Health

Being fed up with “yo-yo” diets, I decided to get help from Clemence in order to gain further knowledge about food and how to sustainably keep away the unwanted kilos I used to gain straight back after being on a diet. Her knowledge, advices and tools she gave me have been very successful and I highly recommend her services!"


Consultations online

These consultations are run via Zoom, making them accessible from wherever you are.


Initial consultation (up to 1hr): £100

Follow-up consultation (up to 45 mins): £80

Package of 6 follow-up consultations: £400

(payment through STRIPE, a fully secured interface)

Ready to book? email me

Need more info?

book a free discovery call with me

Cancellation Policy:

More than 48hr notice: no cancellation fee;

24hr to 48hr notice: 50% fee;

Less than 24hr notice: session charged in full.

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