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Worth the weight

A weight management programme to help you reframe your eating habits, for long term weight loss and a commitment to health for life.

Forget the quick fix, time to find your weight for good.

New group starting in October 2024

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What is special about this programme?

An evidence-based approach...


Rather than jumping on  the latest celeb diet trend, this programme uses latest findings in nutrition and behaviour science to give you the tools to manage your weight, and above all your health.

It's time to end the ineffective  "eat less, move more" approach!

... tailored to
your needs...


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight management.

This programme guides you to find the right tools that work for you (effectiveness) and are compatible with your life (sustainability).

You are unique and so will be your strategies for managing your weight. break free from weight cycling


If weight loss is tricky, keeping weight off is even harder. This is because we see it as an endpoint, rather than an opportunity for a new take on health and life.

Let's stop the willpower battle.

It is time for a transformation of your relationship to food.


An Online Group


The small group of max 10 participants runs online and is facilitated by Clemence Cleave, a Registered Nutritionist and health behaviour expert.

It is composed of 2 phases with a total of 20 sessions, spread over 8 months but you can sign up to only the first phase if you wish.

2 Phases


Phase 1. The Active Phase.

For 3 months, we meet weekly and explore a wide range of tools (nutrition, physical activity, behaviours, cognition).

Phase 2. The Consolidation Phase.

Over the following 5 months, 8 sessions to keep the momentum and design your unique roadmap to long term health.

Ongoing Support


You get access to a member-only space where you can exchange with other participants, ask Clem questions, access to lots of useful resources: recipes, checklists, articles, worksheets.

You also get regular 1-to-1 catch-ups throughout the programme with Clem.

What former participants said about this programme...

"I cannot rave enough about this programme. I learnt a great deal from this programme, particularly the tools to help with maintaining the weight loss. It was completely different from anything I have tried before because it explores our relationship with food and why we turn to it in challenging times. This is not a quick fix. It is a programme for life. I highly recommend it."

Sheila, January 2020

Some of the aspects covered

icon managing hunger

Managing hunger

icon engagement


icon mindless eating

Mindless eating

icon emotional eating

Emotional Eating

icon overeating


icon barriers and relapse

Barriers & Relapse

icon behaviour change

Behaviour change

icon physical activity

Physical Activity

icon cravings


Could this be for you?

This programme runs several times a year.
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This programme is no guess-work! It's based on scientific research from the fields of psychology of eating, behaviour change, nutrition and obesity sciences.

Here is some of the scientific research backing this programme:​


K. Hall & S. Kahan, (January 2018) - Maintenance of lost weight and long-term management of obesity, Med Clin North Am - link

Forman et al. (September 2016)  - Acceptance‐based versus standard behavioral treatment for obesity: Results from the mind your health randomized controlled trial, Obesity - link

Niemeier et al. (2012) - An acceptance-based behavioural intervention for weight loss: A pilot study, Behaviour Therapy - link

Forman et al. (2013) - The Mind your Health project: A randomised controlled trial of an innovative behavioural treatment for obesity, Obesity - link

SCOPE - World Obesity Federation - link

Royal Society Conference 2022 - Causes of Obesity: theories, conjectures and evidence - link

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