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Welcome to Rocket Fuel Wellbeing. From workshops to wellbeing campaigns, we support companies to nurture the social, physical and mental wellbeing of their teams, with a focus on nutrition and lifestyle behaviours. 

- Clemence Cleave (MSc, RNutr)


With dietitians, registered nutritionists (ANutr & RNutr) are the only qualified professionals recognised by Public Health England and NHS Choices on nutrition and diet matters.

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Our eating habits impact many aspects of our physical health: energy levels, cardio-metabolic health, sleep quality, physical performance, immune function.

Addressing wellbeing through the angle of diet and nutrition is a powerful strategy for your company. 

Food is everywhere in our life:
It's part of our daily life - we make over 200 decisions around food each day!
It unites, it fuels, it cheers, it entertains, it attracts... but sometimes it undermines us. 
And sadly, there is so much misinformation & damaging stigma around food.
It can be daunting to know what and how to feed ourselves for health and wellbeing.

By giving access to inspiring resources, grounded by solid scientific evidence and a respect for individuals' beliefs and culture, you have the power to measurably increase the physical, mental and social wellbeing of your team.

Book a call or email us to discuss your needs and how we can help you and your team. See our client work and our services.

Here is few examples of talks, workshops & programmes we regularly deliver...

Work that Body Clock
Work that Body Clock

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RFW_Weight for Health_leaflet

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Flyer The Healthy Track
Flyer The Healthy Track

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Work that Body Clock
Work that Body Clock

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