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Here's my book: "28 Days to Gut Health – a practical guide to enhance your gut health and well-being"

In it, I delve into our current understanding of the gut and what mysteries still await discovery. Packed with tips on how to adjust your diet to nourish your gut and reap the benefits for your whole body, along with some delicious recipes.


Published by Smiths Street Books



"I have heard about the importance of gut health and searched for an accessible, clear introduction to the subject. The publication itself is attractive with lots of illustration to complement the text which is practical and a balanced guide to the whys and hows of feeding your gut. The recipes look straightforward and enticing rather than a privation so I look forward to dipping in and out of this book for a good long time."


"I've recently become interested in gut health having heard some convincing podcasts that it has a big impact on overall health. This was a great guide to improving gut-health. I felt all the advice was well researched and based on science (I hate really faddy advice) and it was just super practical. It is the sort of book I'll keep next to me when I'm doing my weekly online shop to remember to get the right range of foods and cherry pick a couple of recipes. Highly recommended!"




Our physical and mental well-being are closely connected to our digestive system. With this book, take a deep dive into the secrets of your gut and learn how food and lifestyle can keep it happy!


Whether you’d like to learn about the science behind your digestive system, understand which foods do wonders for your digestion, or want to make healthier choices for your body, 28 Days to Gut Health is the perfect guide to begin your own journey towards a thriving microbiome. To help you, it includes:

• More than 90 easy recipes, including drinks, snacks and basics.

• Important nutritional advice to help your gut’s microbiome flourish.

• Comprehensive shopping lists for each week, for 28 full days of recipes.

28 Days to Gut Health, by Clemence Cleave and Giovanna Torrico

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