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A few tips to mindful eating

Eating should be simple, right? We just need to listen to our body and, when hungry, to eat nourishing food until we reach fullness.

Except, we all know that it is not the case.

The act of eating is complex: with many internal and external factors that influence our feelings of hunger, how much we eat, what we eat.

And many of these factors are out of our control. For example, when out and about, we can't always chose what we want eat. Or when we are having a bad day, we might crave for certain food. Or we might not be fully tuned into our hunger and fullness signals which leads us to under- or over-eat.

One can be left filled with frustration by these situations. But how about focusing on what we can influence?

Being mindful of how we eat can really help us with our relationship with food, ensuring that we are nourishing our body and our brain the best way possible, removing all the negative feelings that can arise with mindless eating.

Here are a few tips to help you practising mindful eating, which are particularly helpful if you tend to over-eat*:

* Warning: If you tend to under-eat by distraction, mindful eating could be a very useful tool for you too.

But if you under-eat because you consciously restrict yourself, these tips might not be appropriate for you. If you are concerned by your eating habits, don't hesitate to seek a bit of help. Get in touch with your GP, a healthcare professional (e.g. Dietitian or Registered Nutritionist) or contact Beat (the UK's eating disorders charity) for some advice.

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