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Cooking Programme for 2018 ready!

The cooking programme for 2018 is finalised and ready so come to pick and choose what you want to learn this year.

Hopefully there is something for everyone!

Whether you want to cook for your health or/and your palate these sessions are packed with: delicious seasonal ingredients, interesting cooking technique and lots of nutritional information.

For example:

  • Cooking Fish

  • Bread and Salad

  • Cooking for Gut Health

  • Cooking for Weight Loss

  • Cooking for Heart Health

Students, parents, carers, athletes: come and learn the key foods and nutrients your diets crave for and learn some delicious recipes along the way:

For example:

  • Cooking for the Family - part 1

  • Cooking for Athletes

  • Cooking for the Weaning Baby

  • Cooking for a Boosted Immune System

  • Cooking for Uni (for students)

Note: Single sessions are usually £50. Sign up for 3 sessions and pay £130 only (£20 discount). Sign up for 5 sessions and pay £200 only (£50 discount). Full details here

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