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Merry Mindful Christmas!

We are about to enter the challenging marathon that is Christmas and New Year Eve.

To make sure you enjoy it physically and nutritionally to the full - and avoid feeling battered by the 2nd of January - I thought I would give you these 5 simple tips.

1. Enjoy each mouthful

End of year celebration means eating a lot of delicious things. But often we pop these foods - pigs in a blanket, chocolates, canapés - into our mouth without even taking the time to think of it. This mindless eating is often associated with excess calorie-intake. So instead, why don't you look at what you are eating and take your time appreciating it?

The idea is not to deprive yourself when everyone else is having fun but instead, living the instant to the full by truly enjoying what you eat!

2. Eat what you like... and only what you like!

Most of the food we serve at this time of year is rich and calorie-dense. This is not a problem per se, it is a special time after all. Yet, you need to be aware that all this food is going put your body under a bit of strain. So be selective of what you eat. If you don't like mince pies, well why would you eat them? And if you do like them, have one. Eat it mindful (see point 1) and then eat something a bit lighter rather than another one.

3. Fill up on delicious vegetables

We have been conditioned to believe that vegetables are a necessity rather than the star of a meal. But personally I think that often they are the tastiest thing on table. So do fill up your plate with them (go for at least a third of your plate). And not only are they tasty but the fibre they contain will help with the digestion of all the food you will be eating. A no brainer!

4. Stay active

Try to avoid going from one meal to another. You can help your body digest and process all the lovely food you've been eating by staying physically active. Put the turkey on a timer and go for a walk or a run. And take everyone with you. (Park Run organise 5K runs a bit everywhere in the world on Christmas day morning so check where is the nearest to yours)

5. Be jolly and celebrate

Enjoy the festive season for what it is truly: Not so much an opportunity to indulge on booze and expensive food. But rather a special time to be with our friends and family, showing one another that we care about them. Let's celebrate!

If you keep all those tips in mind, I can guarantee you that you will feel strong, rested and ready to tackle 2018 like no other years!

Merry Mindful Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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