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June Cooking Session - Salads and Bread making

Two sessions currently scheduled for the 14th June and 29th June (N.B. amended) from 10am until 12.30pm. More sessions can be organised if needed.

Hopefully June will bring a bit more sun and warmth and we will feel like eating fresh and colourful salads. And what is better with them than a crusty piece of homemade bread still hot from the oven?

During this cooking session we will cover the basics of bread making and all the little tips to give your loaf the perfect taste, texture and nutrition value. And we will discuss all the variations you can do once you master the secret of the dough - You can do so much with it!

We will also explore how to make delicious salad dressings: mild, subtle, rich or with a punch - there will be something for every taste and every flavour.

And for the sweet tooth we will make a delicious pudding with the fruit of the June: cherries.

From a nutritional stand point, we will discuss why some people prefer to go gluten-free and whether or not this is something you should consider.


Malted and Seeded Rustic Bread

Flammekueche (Alsacian pizza)

Libanese Tabouleh

Crab, avocado & grapefruit salad

10 beans Mexican salad

Cherry clafoutis

*subject to change depending on availability of ingredients and inspiration!

Useful information

Sessions held in my kitchen, in North Kingston

Group of maximum 8 people

Session cost: £50 (incl. ingredients)

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours, from 10:00am. We usually cook until 12:30pm, and whoever fancy it seats at the kitchen table to share the meal.

Want to sign up for it? Get in touch

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