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March Cooking Session - The Perfect Easter Lunch

Session currently scheduled:

  • Wednesday 22nd March - FULLY BOOKED

  • Thursday 23rd March from 10am until 12.30pm - ONE SPACE LEFT

  • Potential extra session: Wednesday 29th March from 10am until 12.30pm (5 participants minimum)

In March cooking session we will get ready for the Easter/Spring celebration by looking at how to cook the perfect roast lunch.

It will include how to cook the tastiest lamb leg and how to carve it; tips to make the best roast potatoes; we will also discuss the use of various fat and oils in cooking and their benefits (or not) for our health.

Beginning of spring is a funny time of cooking. Nature is blooming and we are all ready to taste asparagus and strawberries... Yet, the March and April period is called the "Hungry Gap" for a reason: not much grows in terms of veg and fruit before May. We have to made do with what we've got in stock: potatoes, carrots, cabbage. So be it - let's be a creative and make a feast out of them.


Herb and ricotta parcels

Roasted leg of lamb

Roasted potatoes

Polenta chips

Carrots in a bag

Spring greens w/ anchovy sauce


and if time allows, tapenade crostini

Useful information

Session held in my kitchen, in North Kingston

Group of maximum 8 people

Session cost: £50 (incl. ingredients)

Duration: circa 2 hours, from 10:00am until 12:15pm, follow by a meal around the kitchen table if you fancy

Want to sign up for it? Get in touch

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