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Cooking session 30th Nov 2016 - Cooking with less meat.

This month we will explore some hearty winter recipes using less meat, exploring what pulses can give.

Many of us want to eat less meat whether it is out of respect for the planet, the animals or simply because it is expensive. But we still need some proteins in our diet. Pulses, when combined with the right ingredients, can make the perfect dis, both nutritional and tasty.

After this session, you will have learnt some delicious recipes but not only! You will be confident to cook any kind of pulses and how to combine them with other ingredients in order to provide all the nutrients your body needs. You will know more about the benefits of adding pulses to your diet and will have learnt some useful cooking tips and techniques to help you in your everyday cooking.

I am a trained chef and a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) so this session will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions in a relaxed and didactic environment.

Session content *

Haricot bean soup with veg, crouton & picada sauce

Black bean quesadillas

Roasted garlic hummus

Butternut squash, mung bean & winter spice curry

*subject to change depending on availability of ingredients and inspiration!

Useful information

Session is held in my kitchen, in North Kingston

Group of maximum 8 people

Session cost: £50

Duration: circa 2 hours, from 10:00am until 12:15pm

Want to sign up for it? Get in touch

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