What's on your wellbeing agenda at the moment?

Hybrid working, mental resilience, productivity, absenteeism, work-life balance, physical health?

Menopause, inclusion & diversity, shift-work, occupational health?

Or do you need some help to define your wellbeing priorities?

From ready-to-deploy solutions to bespoke services,

we provide a whole range of services and solutions to meet your needs and 

align your wellbeing objectives with your team's day-to-day preoccupations.

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Solution delivery

  • Seminars, workshops, events, programmes

  • Online or onsite

  • Nudging your staff towards greater social, mental and physical wellbeing

"A really informative and interesting session. Clem gave us a good balance of science and practical advice. She was engaging, passionate about the topic and expert in her advice. It made me think about my diet in a completely different way!"

A seminar participant, Q5 Partners

"Honestly this programme has been the  best thing I have done over  lockdown - it has totally transformed me. Thank you."

Eve, a programme participant at Allen & Overy

Examples of Our Seminars, Webinars and Workshops
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Wellbeing on a Plate

Our day-to-day diet plays a strong part in our overall wellbeing - but with so many mixed messages, what makes a healthy diet? This talk explores the key principles for a balanced diet, good health & immune function.

Mental Resilience & the Gut

Did you know that our gut and brain are constantly communicating? And that 95% of serotonin secretion (the 'happiness hormone') happens in the gut? This interactive workshop delves into the secrets of the gut microbiota and reveals which lifestyle habits may affect mental health and resilience.

Body Clock.png
Work That Body Clock

Struggling with sleep? Regularly working though the late hours? Dealing with travel and social jetlag?

Learn how food and lifestyle habits can help you power through without messing up your master body clock and thus, taking care of your physical and mental health.

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Weight For Health

Gained a few pounds during the lockdown? Wondering what is a/your healthy weight? Here we are looking at the scientific evidence and the physiology of hunger rather than the latest trends on social media (no detox juicing!) to help your employees identify powerful and sustainable strategies to manage their weight long term that works for them, with health in mind.

Other seminar topics...

Diversity & inclusion through food


Nourish your menopause

Fuel strategically

Elevate your workouts

Drinks matters - coffee, water, alcohol

Taking care of your heart

Snacking or not snacking?

Key wellbeing themes covered

Cardio-metabolic health - sleep - concentration - physical movement - mindset & resilience -

cognitive health - shift-work & jet lag - diversity & inclusion - eating habits - menopause - mental health -

performance - weight management

Examples of Our Health & Wellbeing Programmes
Healthy Track.png
The Healthy Track

A cycle of 6 sessions delivered in small groups, providing regular coaching towards healthier eating habits with a focus on metabolic health, quality of life, healthy weight. Ideal for employees with cholesterol, insulin resistance and other cardio-metabolic health risks, in complement to their annual health check-up.

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The Health Reboot

6 sessions to bank our good health habits developed during lockdown, shake off the less useful ones and introduce powerful behaviours, backed by research, to bring our wellbeing to another level. With a focus on sleep, mental resilience, energy levels, physical and cognitive performance.

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Worth the weight

An evidence-based weight management programme, combining nutrition, cognitive and behavioural sciences around 4 axis - your exercise, your plate, your behaviours, your mind - to transform long term health habits. For people who seek a step-by-step coaching, to find their healthy weight and maintain it long term, within a non judgemental, inspiring and supportive group.

For information about pricing - download the 2021 brochure

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Wellness Consultancy

We work with you to define your wellbeing strategy,

taking into account your priorities for your organisation and your staff's day-to-day preoccupations

  • Defining your organisation's wellbeing objectives

  • Defining key metrics and regular monitoring

  • Understanding your staff's day-to-day preoccupations & ways of working

  • Bringing in subject matter experts to deliver wellbeing solutions

  • Embedding your wellbeing agenda in your team's identity

"Clem was great at understanding our needs – she came up with the perfect tailored solution to support our team in coming out of the lockdown. The Post-Lockdown Health Reboot is a brilliant programme that will be the backbone of your wellbeing strategy for the coming 12 months."

Rebecca Chappell, Operations Director at THM Partners LLP

"As an organisation we offer our people a wide range of wellbeing benefits and perks, including an on-site gym.

But I wanted to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily be the first to join the gym or enrol in classes. Clem's programmes provided exactly that opportunity. Given the sedentary nature of the roles that many of our people do, being able to manage your health can be a challenge. Clem brings a huge amount of insights, energy and commitment to her classes which is infectious."

Toni Graves, Global Head of Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing at Allen & Overy

For information about pricing - download the 2021 brochure

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Wellbeing Support Materials

We produce all kinds of content to support your wellbeing agenda, throughout the year. Whether it is World Mental Health Day, Nutrition & Hydration Week, or National Cholesterol Month, we've got it covered for you

  • articles - for example, nutrition for menopause; the damage of weight stigma; what is the so-called Mediterranean diet?

  • video and e-learning modules - for example, understanding cholesterol; top tips to sooth your gut

  • infographics - for example, top tips on working from home; alcohol and wellbeing

"It is always a joy to work with Clem – she delivered us a well-articulated and very informative article, backed-up by science and real-life experiences. A great addition to our intranet."

Toni Graves, Global Head of Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing at Allen & Overy

For information about pricing - download the 2021 brochure