Client Work

We love working with a wide range of companies, getting to truly understand their needs, and offering them tailored services to nurture their teams' wellbeing.

Here are a few examples of our latest work and what our clients said about it...


Weight management programme delivery

Client: Allen & Overy - Global law firm

Twice a year, we run our weight management programme Worth the weight for employees who want regular coaching for long term changes in their weight (part of A&O wellbeing health benefits)

For more info about this initiative, see the case study of our work from REBA (Reward & Employee Benefits Association)

"Given the sedentary nature of the roles that many of our people do, being able to manage your weight can be a challenge. Clem brings a huge amount of energy and commitment to her classes which is infectious." 

Toni Graves, Global Head of Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing at Allen & Overy

"I cannot rave enough about this programme. I learnt a great deal, particularly the tools to help with maintaining the weight loss. It was completely different from anything I have tried before because it explores our relationship with food and why we turn to it in challenging times. This is not a quick fix. It is a programme for life. I highly recommend it" 

Sheila, an Allen & Overy participants


Workshop delivery 

Client: Q5 Partners, London - Management Consultancy

Delivery of a workshop on the Gut-brain axis and mental resilience, as part of their Mental Health Awareness Month

"A really informative and interesting session. Clem gave us a good balance of science and practical advice.

She was engaging, passionate about the topic and expert in her advice. It made me think about my gut in a completely different way!"

A participant, Q5 Partners


Wellbeing programme definition and delivery

Client: THM partners, UK - Financial services

Development of a complete post-lockdown health reboot programme to provide the team with strategies and regular support throughout the year while coming back to the office.

Key wellbeing topics: improving sleep, managing the weight gained during lockdown, enhancing workouts, strengthening concentration and cognitive performance, boosting energy levels and protecting mental health.

"Clem was great at understanding our needs – she came up with the perfect tailored solution to support our team in coming out of the lockdown. The Post-Lockdown Health Reboot is a brilliant programme that will be the backbone of your wellbeing strategy for the coming 12 months” 

Rebecca Chappell, Operations Director at THM Partners LLP


Health programme design

Client: Allen & Overy - Global law firm

Design of a 6-session health programme aimed at employees with cardio-metabolic health risks such as cholesterol, pre-diabetes, blood-pressure or overweight. This programme provides coaching to empower the participants to confidently tweak their lifestyle for tangible health benefits and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Group Of Business People Sitting Around Table

Workshop delivery 

Client: CMS Legal Services, Global - International law practice

Delivery of an online workshop to a large team (~40 people) on How to best feed ourselves for the long run, as part of their effort to support resilience through the pandemic.


Content development

Client: Allen & Overy - Global law firm

Writing of articles for the wellbeing section of their intranet (Type 1 diabetes - can diet play a part in its development and management; Menopause and weight gain - what is going on?) in support to their wellbeing corporate events

“It always a joy to work with Clem – she delivered us a well-articulated and very informative article, backed-up by science and real-life experiences. A great addition to our intranet" 

Toni Graves, Global Head of Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing at Allen & Overy